Mississauga, Oakville, Toronto Condo Property Management

At Harmony Management, we help condominium communities throughout the greater Toronto area create and maintain a harmonized community environment, working to connect residents and Board of Directors to ensure all parties have their needs met. Our commitment to our customers has earned us several awards for customer service, placing us as one of the top providers in the condominium industry. If your community is looking for management help, we are ready to provide it.

Boutique Style Property Management in Oakville, Toronto, and Mississauga

We have created a boutique style that provides a senior level property manager to every community, regardless of size. This means that your community will have a highly experienced, professional property manager as your key liaison, meeting your needs and fostering communication between property owners and management boards.

Each of these managers carries or is working towards Registered Condominium Management status, so you can feel confident in their capabilities. Beyond that, you will also benefit from a full support staff backing your manager. This means that even small communities can work with a team of industry leading professionals on a daily basis.

Condominium Property Management Services

One of the benefits condominium owners expect is physical management and maintenance of their properties, taking the stress of maintaining a home off of their shoulders. Boards of directors can spend countless hours arranging maintenance and responding to property owner needs. Harmony Management's property management services can help.

By hiring a company for condo management, Oakville, Mississauga, and Toronto communities can turn this task over to a seasoned management team. We will set up an inspection schedule to ensure that major building components remain in good working order for the homeowners in your community. In addition, we will provide regular maintenance services, responding to property owners as needed, while working towards a preventative maintenance schedule that will eliminate undue expenses.

We also help our clients with the financial end of things. From collecting monthly common expenses from property owners to paying contractors and maintaining clear financial records, we streamline the financial tasks common to a condo community.

Because we have extensive experience as a condo management company, we are able to handle maintenance, financial and communication needs in an efficient fashion that maximizes income and minimizes expenditures. The end goal is to create a more comfortable community for homeowners while taking much of the responsibility from boards of directors.

When they need help with condo management, boards of directors know to call Harmony Management. Let our experienced and professional property managers go to work to create the community you desire.

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July 27, 2017

Harmony Management Joins Maple Ridge Community Management

Dear Residents,

We are honoured to announce the recent partnership between Harmony Management and Maple Ridge Community Management (MRCM). MRCM is a long-established firm in the GTA and has proudly served the condominium industry since 1984. MRCM is a member of the Associa group of companies, wherein over 100 management firms share best practices.

This is an exciting announcement for all residents. Harmony communities and clients will continue to receive excellent service from your current, trusted leadership team and managers, with additional support from MRCM.

What does this partnership specifically mean for you and your communities?

The strategic partnership will strengthen the community support provided to all residents, and you will see only positive changes in the unparalleled customer service you receive. The additional resources provided to your communities will include:

Who is Maple Ridge Community Management (MRCM)?

MRCM was founded in 1984 and is an award-winning company with a client roster consisting of more than 200 condominium properties across southwestern Ontario. MRCM manages a diverse portfolio of recently constructed and established condominium high rise and townhomes. MRCM prides itself on being innovative and constantly striving to improve upon the delivery of service to clients and residents.

Who is Associa?

Associa is the largest community management company in North America, managing more than 9,000 communities. Delivering unsurpassed association management services to communities since 1979, Associa is an industry leader, operating more than 180 branch offices across North America and employing 10,000 team members dedicated to serving nearly five million residents.

Associa has a long-standing tradition of providing unparalleled customer service to the communities served under their administration. We are certain this new partnership and the added support from Associa will enable us to expand that exceptional community experience to all residents.

We are extremely excited to be partnering with MRCM and look forward to working with their dedicated team. You will continue to be served by the same team with the addition of industry leading resources. Thank you for your support and for the opportunity to provide valued service to your community.


Scott Newhouse Scott Newhouse signature Harmony Management President

Michael E. Le Page Michael E. Le Page signature MRCM President